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Our founders, Dr. Dana Shanis and Catherine McGinty, met working in women’s health and noticed a deficit in the time and attention given to a person's health concerns. They saw how the lack of accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for these issues could deeply affect a person’s well being, and decided to devote their time to addressing these intimate concerns.

Our mission at VHealth & Wellness is to educate, treat and advocate for people across the lifespan with a range of health concerns and support emotional well-being in an inclusive and supportive environment. We use evidence-based research, cutting edge technology and individualized care to empower them, allowing them to take ownership over their health, improving self-esteem and quality of life.

About Us

Dr. Shanis is everything you'd want your doctor to be. She is knowledgeable, kind and always makes sure that I understand what she is talking about. She has always made me feel heard, like she understands my concerns and recommends a course of action that I feel comfortable with. Definitely recommended.

- Alyssa G.

We believe there is more to a person's health than just being without disease.

We are dedicated to seeking the root cause of an illness by taking into account the whole individual and what might be out of balance. We use the most up to date research and technology to offer comprehensive evaluations, functional testing, non-hormonal and hormonal treatment options, and guidance on diet and lifestyle modifications tailored to your needs.


No two people are the same and we want you to come away feeling supported and knowledgeable about how your body functions and what you can do to achieve your best quality of life.

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